Let's Spread Love Delhi
So nice of you to extend a helping hand in Spreading Love and Smiles :)
What's your Full Name ? *

Which Mobile Number should we send the updates to ?

(Preferably Whatsapp number)
Do you have Whatsapp on {{answer_37963288}}? *

Please give your Full Address :

Which part of DELHI you belongs to?

If you are staying in an Apartment (Gated Society), please tell us its name

(Leave the Answer Empty if you are not staying in an Apartment)
I hereby acknowledge that the Food which I give will be Freshly Prepared to the best of my knowledge. *

"Let's Spread Love" is providing a service to the Donors to help them get the homemade food delivered to needy people and is not responsible for ensuring the edibility of food being provided. 

Please pack freshly prepared vegetarian food only. 1 container: 1 meal: 1 happy tummy.

Kindly refrain from:
1) Packing fruits/chocolates/sweets separately.
2) Packing liquid food like gravy/raitha which can result in spilling.

NOTE: The food packing material has to be procured by the Donors.

The donor form needs to be filled before the volunteers collect the food.
For those who are unable to do it online, a physical form will be provided.
The food needs to be ready by 11:00 AM (max).
This will help us distribute the food on time.
Take pride in being a donor. You make LSL possible.
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